Red Wine Vinegar vs Red Wine

It was thought, that by reducing fat intake and increasing carbohydrate intake, it would decrease strokes and heart disease, but still these diseases were running wild in the US. What did scientists conclude? Americans just ate too much of the typical fat-laden American diet.

But over in France the people were eating a diet richer in fat and a lot of it saturated fat. In 1991, Serge Renaude, M.D., the Director of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research termed this the French Paradox. He linked it to the consumption of wine by the French.

The other things the French were doing right were taking time to relax, eating garlic, which is high in antioxidants, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Also the French don’t overeat and don’t eat the processed food that Americans eat. In addition, they exercise.

Researchers have discovered that red wine contains many healthy substances such as quercetin, oligo, tannins, catechins,proanthocyanidin, and epicatechins. The most important substance may be resveratrol , which could prevent inflammation in blood vessels and prevent platelets from clumping.

Alcohol has its drawbacks. Too much consumption can cause alcoholism, liver damage, brain damage and increase the risk of breast cancer. Also it can’t be drunk by pregnant woman, because it will cause damage to the fetus. Red wine vinegar is actually just red wine that has soured. It’s important to remember that if you want to get the same benefits of red wine, red wine vinegar can be added to fruits and vegetables to get extra antioxidants. Red wine vinegar contains polyphenols and possibly resveratrol. And red wine vinegar doesn’t cause liver damage.