Dr. Edward Howell , world famous enzyme expert, in his book Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity recommends the original patented enzyme formula found in Swanson Ultra © n-zimes © as his choice for the best enzyme formula in the world.

In 1932, Dr. Howell founded the National Enzyme Company so he could produce his patented formula. NEC is one of the most innovative developers of digestive enzymes of the twenty-first century. The company has consistently proven and confirmed Dr. Howell’s original theories. They’ve expanded his original scientific research, using advanced modern technology, and have introduced more proven beneficial enzyme supplements than any other nutrition company in history.

NEC has partnered with Swanson Vitamins to offer quality enzyme supplements at affordable prices.

Supplement Facts

Proprietary Enzyme Blend 280mg X
Amylase (10,000 DU) X
Lipase (750 FIP) X
Protease 4.5 (20,000 HUT) X
Glucoamylase (16AGU) X
Cellulase (500 CU) X
Peptidase (3,000 HUT) X
Malt Diastase (from barley)(300 DP) X
Protease 3.0 (10 SAPU) X
Protease 6.0 (2,000 HUT) X
CereCalase 25mg X
Hemicellulase X
Beta-glucanase X
Phytase X

X Daily Value Not Established