John Beard

John Beard was a Scottish embryologist whose main research interest was the placenta. In 1902, he theorized that malignant cancer cells are false-placentas. Under a microscope he observed that the trophoblast cells (tropho means feeding) that form the placenta look like cancer cells. He noted that the placenta stops growing on day 56 in a human pregnancy, which is the same day the human fetus’s pancreas starts to function. He believed that the fetus’ pancreas secreted something that stopped the growth of the placenta. If this doesn’t happen, the deadly cancer of pregnancy, which is called chorion-carcinoma, follows and it is capable of killing the mother and baby very quickly.

Beard saw how malignant cancers act the same as placenta cells act in the womb, that is they attach themselves to the uterus and “chew” through to get to the blood supply. He also found other trophoblast cells throughout the body. They don’t differentiate, but lie dormant. He called these cells germ cells. They have properties similar to stem cells. He believed these germ cells to be the seeds of cancer. He believed that the germ cells likely receive some signal that causes them to begin to grow. The signal could be a hormonal signal that the germ cells interpret as a pregnancy. The signal could be induced by some trauma or by some unknown cause. As this false-placenta begins to grow and it unchecked it turns into the malignant mass we call cancer.

He found that substances secreted by the pancreas inhibited the growth of cancers before they developed and these substances were missing in the blood of cancer patients. These substances are the digestive enzyme trypsin and the precursor to typsin called chymotrypsin. By replacing these enzymes it was reported to stop 100% of fast growing cancers.

The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes into the small intestine where they help digest denatured proteins. Some of the enzymes enter the blood stream.In theory the pancreatic enzymes in the blood destroy early-stage cancers in healthy individuals. Therefore, cancer develops when the pancreas fails to produce trypsin when the pancreas becomes impaired.Research shows that protein digesting enzymes, called proteases, can dissolve the proteinlayer from cancer cells. This enables white blood cells, which are part of our immune system, to destroy the cancer cells.

In John Beard’s time people believed that enzymes wouldn’t enter the blood stream if taken orally. The success rates of Beard’s followers indicate that this isn’t totally true, although very large amounts of enzymes are needed.

Beard conducted experiments with the extractable fluid content of the pancreases of young animals. He injected these fluids into cancer tumors and the tumors in both animals and humans shrank in size. He published his work in JAMA and wrote a book on his enzyme theory for cancer.

He was attacked by the medical community; as they stated his theory was complete nonsense. But the main reason his work was forgotten was that Madam Curie, during the same time period, convinced people that the x-ray was safe and effective and a cure for pancreatic cancer was soon forgotten as everyone now had their attention on the x-ray.

Later others tried to duplicate Beard’s results, but failed. Enzymes are delicate and can lose their effectiveness if not carefully extracted. Trypsin was one of the first proteins deciphered by chemists in the 1960s, but we still can’t synthesize it or its precursor chymotrypsin. Pure trypsin must be extracted untouched from young livestock so the cost of supplements runs high. The cost of the dosage recommended by enzyme experts could run more than $2000 a month.

In the 1940s, some researchers discovered that there was some substance that was missing in the blood of cancer patients that was in the blood of non-cancer patients. This prompted Dr. Max Wold to read John Beard’s book The Enzyme Treatment For Cancer And Its Scientific Basis,copyright 1911. Dr. Wolf, his associate Helen Benitez, and Dr. Karl Ransberger, a young biomedical researcher in Germany tested numerous enzymes from plant and animal sources. They created a formula, which contains both trypsin and chymotrypsin. The Wolf/Benitez WoBenzyme® systemic enzyme formula is the second best-selling OTC product in parts of Europe today.

Cancer originates because the first or second line of defense in the body has been disrupted. To fix them, one must begin an aggressive and elementary change in one’s diet to mainly raw fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in nitriloside or vitamin B-17. This is the natural course to genuine cancer recovery. On the other hand, the weakened cancer defense situation isn’t addressed by orthodox cancer treatment. It focuses only on eliminating the cancerous cells and not on what caused the problem. Cancer is a chronic metabolic disease. No chronic metabolic disease has ever been cured without including certain food factors found in whole natural foods. To make the body a place where cancer can’t survive it’s vital to eat foods rich in enzymes and nitriloside every day to disrupt the cancer and help the body defend itself.