Honey and Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes, Ding, Ding It’s a showdown between these of which there are many, and honey.

Are Sugar and Substitutes Bad?

It is best to stay right away from all those poisonous substitutes because they are all chemical-based and will do you no good whatsoever.  Let’s discover the best sugar substitutes. These come in honeycomb form and jars full of What else but lovely honey.

Honey versus sugar; those with a sweet tooth often ask which the better sweetener is? Both contain fructose and glucose, but one of them loses valuable enzymes, vitamins, and proteins when it is processed for commercial sale.

Also, only one has fundamental antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that are beneficial to good health. So, in an honest assessment between honey versus sugar, there’s one clear winner — honey!

No amount of sugar substitutes can warrant benefiting your health. This golden, sticky delight is one of the most natural foods you will ever benefit from eating.

But Doesn’t Honey Contain More Calories?

Yes, you are right, ordinary table sugar has 46 calories in a single tablespoon in comparison to the 64 calories found in a tablespoon of honey.

However, since honey is sweeter than table sugar, less of it is generally used for sweetening, which means that eating honey is far better for you.

In further honey vs. sugar comparison, honey tends to be more expensive than table sugar, but when considering that less of it is used than table sugar, it ends up being a more economical choice for cooking and baking.

I Have Heard that Honey is Nutritional but isn’t Sugar also?

In comparing the nutritional value of honey versus sugar, honey also quickly takes the win, like table sugar or any artificial sugar substitutes; do not have the vitamins and minerals that are found in eating honey.

Table sugar lacks vitamins and minerals in general, which is why it is commonly referred to as empty calories since it has no nutritional value whatsoever.

Sugar also raises cholesterol and contributes to obesity

Have you ever experienced or seen a child experience what they call a sugar rush?

I have witnessed this many times unfortunately. Children have a tendency to stuff their faces with sweets and candy, all full of chemicals and suddenly develop this ADHD Syndrome.

They are literally buzzing with a form of false energywhich brings them down as quickly as they rise after eating this poison.

A really good argument in favour of honey vs sugar don’t you think! Encourage them in the art of the benefits of eating honey if you want them to calm down a bit!

It is not difficult to change their habits or indeed encourage them not to start.

They can have sweet, sticky candies that are going to help keep them healthy also.

A little example, when my children were young we made toffee apples by washing apples and drying them.

We would then insert a stick (you can buy these easily) smother the apples with honey and cover them in chopped almonds. (Be careful if you have a nut allergy).

A delicious way of eating honey and a delicious healthy candy.

Whilst I’m on this subject, we need to thank our little furry friends the honey bees for if it were not for them and their pollination of plants we would have no apples or almonds!

I Thought Honey Was a Form of Sugar!

Analyzing honey versus sugar at the molecular level also proves honey as a healthier alternative.

Sugar is made of sucrose, which is comprised of two molecules that are bonded together.

When consumed, the human stomach produces enzymes for the purpose of separating the two molecules before the energy that sugar contains can actually be used.

On the other hand, honey bees have added their own enzyme to the nectar that works to divide the sucrose into simple sugars, fructose and glucose, which the human body is able to then directly absorb and benefit from eating.

That sounded a bit scientific didn’t it? But you understand the principal.

Is Honey Good for the Bloodstream and Easier to Digest?

This process results in honey having a much healthier Glycemic Index, or GI, which is the measure of the negative reaction of food on the blood’s glucose levels.

A lower GI means that the sugars absorb more slowly into the bloodstream, which supports a healthier, more gradual digestion procedure.

Honey and Cinnamon has huge benefits for increasing energy levels and Lemon and Honey will soothe the nastiest of coughs and colds.

Try using Buckwheat Honey for those coughs and colds and forget the powdered chemical substitutes bought over the counter.

When it comes to the benefits of honey versus sugar, there just is no comparison.

For those who are concerned about maintaining good health and watching their weight, but do not wish to extract their sweet tooth in the process, honey is by far a healthier choice than ordinary white table sugar or any sugar substitutes.

Try a nice cup of tea and honey or even coffee…..so much nicer.

Can I use Less Honey than Sugar When Cooking and Baking?

Yes, even for the sweetest recipes, honey requires less of an amount to achieve a natural sweetness, thus making it a lower calorie selection.

It also carries carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that just aren’t found in sugar.

Honey undergoes less of a processing than table sugar does and, thus, is able to retain more of its natural benefits.

There are some recipes where you may need to use some sugar but use brown sugar if you can and honey for part of the recipe as a brown sugar substitute.

Overall, the comparison of honey versus sugar really isn’t much of a comparison after all. While both are sweet to the taste, their comparison virtually ends there.

Only honey provides the sweetness that is craved by many while, at the same time, provides an actual health benefit through its consumption.

So dollop on the Honey, Honey because not everything that is good for you tastes nasty and when you discover the taste of eating honey you will wonder why you ever bought that sugar or those sugar substitutes!