Treating Candida

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Treating Candida .....Because Candida infection is a relatively new condition there is much confusion and misinformation out there. There are also differences in opinion on the subject.


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One thought is that you can’t eat yeast-containing foods because it feeds the Candida. This is false because the foods are broken down in the digestive tract, the nutrients absorbed and the wastes eliminated. Another is that sugar feeds Candida and will bring it back if it is gotten rid of. This is only partially true. Your body needs glucose, which is its preferred fuel; thus a diet with an emphasis on vegetables and quality protein is the best. Still another fallacy is that the best way to treat systemic Candida is with nystatin or ketoconazole. Nystatin is poorly absorbed so any improvement is due to the elimination of the overgrowth in the gut. Ketoconazole is highly toxic to the liver therefore it should not be used systemically.

The idea that Candida is sexually transmitted is true. Either partner can transmit it to the other. Some people tout the use of Pau D’Arco tea, garlic and caprylic acid to control systemic Candida. These substances are basically only good in the gut. They’re not potent enough to affect Candida systemically. Some believe that using special strains of bacteria that produce hydrogen peroxide will kill systemic Candida. It’s true that hydrogen peroxide can destroy fungus, but the bacteria can’t migrate internally. All they can do is repopulate lost bacteria in the gut.

There’s no way to know for sure whether you have systemic Candida. There’s no real test that can be preformed. The only way to know is by symptoms you might have. Of course the only established treatment in the in the USA for systemic Candida is with drugs. Besides ketoconazole that was previously mentioned fluconazole and itraconazole are also used. These drugs can develop resistance and have many bad side effects. Amphotericin b is sometimes given intravenously but can have severe side effects such as kidney damage and anemia. In Mexico, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is used.

Things that might be of help are:

• Bathing with hydrogen peroxide. Sixteen ounces of the 3% solution can be added to the bath water.

• Eating lots of raw vegetables

• Don’t eat refined sugars

• Exercise 30 minutes per day

• Take a good probiotic supplement

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