Source Enzymes

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Source enzymes is a term coined by Dr. Hiromi Shinya M.D. Chief of Surgical Endoscopy Unit of Beth Israel Medical Center and Clinical Professor of Surgery of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He developed it over years of clinical practice. His theory is that our health depends on how well we maintain the source enzymes of our body. He believes the source enzymes are unspecialized enzymes that give rise to over 5,000 specialized enzymes that catalyze numerous activities within the body.

The reason he developed the idea of source enzymes is that he observed that one part of the body would lack enzymes when a large amount of a specific enzyme is consumed in another part of the body. He believes there is no set amount of any of the thousands of enzymes in existence in the body, but instead as need arises the source enzymes are converted into the type of enzyme that is needed at a particular time.

The modern world has a number of factors that can consume source enzymes – environmental pollution, electromagnetic waves , emotional stress, drugs, food additives, agricultural chemicals and tobacco. Dr. Shinya believes that understanding this is vital in maintaining good health. Source enzymes can be supplemented and can lead to a life of not getting sick.



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