Skin Problems

Skin problems are the result of underlying imbalances and illness. Each person’s skin is different and goes through many changes throughout a lifetime for a variety of reasons. Sun exposure, allergies, infections, and hormone imbalances can cause skin to become dry or oily or to break out in rashes or blemishes. Our skin responds well to enzyme therapy and many people report healthy improvement in their skin and many didn’t even have noticeable problems to begin with.

Sebum is the skin’s natural moisturizer. It’s a mixture of water and oil and keeps the skin soft and pliable. As we age sebum production slows down and our skin will lose its elasticity and likely be more dry.

Dry skin can be aggravated by a deficiency of essential fatty acids and an inability to digest fats. When our body doesn’t thoroughly break down fats they coat food particles. This will interfere with hydrolysis, which is a process where water splits chemical bonds such as are found in proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, hydrolysis is vital in the decomposition of food.

Soft as the Skin of a Peach
Soft as the Skin of a Peach

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The breakdown of fats occurs in two steps. The first is digestion, which is mainly the responsibility of the enzyme lipase. The second is absorption with the help of bile, which is produced by the liver and delivered to the intestines by the gallbladder. Lipase works with bile and either if not working properly can impair the breakdown of fats and lead to loose stools, diarrhea and a deficiency of essential fatty acids or EFAs. Linoleic acid, alpha linoleic acid and gamma linoleic acid are the primary energy sources for cells.

Essential fatty acids are important to skin health because they lubricate the skin and protect against water loss from skin cells. The more water retained by the skin cells the more smooth and supple the skin will be.

Years of negative publicity about dietary fat have led to a misconception that all fat is bad. This had lead to the modern diet being lacking in EFAs. It’s been shown that when people take EFA supplements their skin becomes soft and smooth, their nails become hard and their hair looks shiny and healthier.

Skin Rash from an Allergic Reaction to Laundry Detergent
Skin Rash from an Allergic Reaction to Laundry Detergent

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