Natto: A Good Source of Nattokinase

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Natto has been a traditional Japanese food for over 1000 years. It’s commonly eaten there for breakfast. It has a strong smell and taste and is sticky because it’s made from soybeans that are fermented by natto bacillus. Natto is considered a nutritious food in Japan and its popularity has been increasing because of its recognized medical benefits, although some people dislike it because of its smell. It’s a good source of protein and Vitamin B2 or riboflavin; therefore, it keeps your skin young. Being rich in vitamin K2, it can be helpful in preventing osteoporosis. Especially important, it contains a fibrinolytic enzyme called nattokinase. Nattokinase is said to reduce and prevent blood clots. Therefore, eating natto could prevent strokes and heart attacks. Bacillus natto produces various enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients, which are unique to natto during its fermentation. It’s these unique elements that give natto its characteristic health and medical benefits. One vitamin it contains is vitamin B12 , which lacks in a vegetarian diet.

The most common way to eat natto is uncooked. A popular way to eat it is to put it in a small bowl. Stir it then add some soy sauce and stir it again, well. Add chopped green onion and karashi mustard if desired. Place the seasoned natto on steamed rice and eat them together

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