Enzymes Endocrine System

Enzymes Endocrine System ....Eating a cooked food diet is a diet of killed enzymes and it causes the endocrine glands to become over-worked and can encourage diseases like obesity and hypoglycemia. In 1937, Kohman, Eddy, White, and Sanborn, Columbia University, published a paper entitled Comparative Experiments with Canned, Home Cooked and Raw Food Diets. They showed that canned food, because it’s cooked and preserved, is completely lacking of enzymes. This exerts a powerful stimulating effect on the endocrine glands and can cause an increase in body weight. Although cooked food might be easier to digest it can raise the white blood cell count, cause weight gain and rob the body of enzymes.

T-Lymphocyte White Blood Cells or Leukocytes
T-Lymphocyte White Blood Cells or Leukocytes

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The endocrine and the nervous systems cooperate in regulating the appetite. The endocrine glands know when the body has had enough food and will stop the craving for food. By eating raw food it takes the stress off of the endocrine system. Processed foods and sugar can disrupt endocrine balance. If the glands sense that the person has had enough food, but there is not enough nutrients and enzymes present, it over-stimulates the digestive organs, demanding more food. This causes over-secretion of hormones, which leads to overeating, which leads to obesity and finally exhaustion of the hormone-producing glands and a depletion of the needed enzymes for metabolic processes.

Endocrine system: 1. Pineal gland, 2. Pituitary gland, 3. Thyroid gland, 4. Thymus, 5. Adrenal gland, 6. Pancreas, 7. Ovary, 8.Testis

A false feeling of well being exists, because the pituitary gland is over-stimulated. This gland is considered the master gland because it sends hormones to the other glands…the thyroid, adrenals, reproductive glands and the pancreas. Enzymes, the endocrine system, the nervous system, and digestive system are all connected and are interdependent in life processes.


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