Enzymes And High Cholesterol

Enzymes and high cholesterol ....A lipid panel measures total cholesterol and triglycerides. It’s a common test given to determine the risk of heart disease. The total cholesterol is divided into two subclasses, which are called high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL). It’s said that the lower your LDL, triglycerides and total cholesterol, the lower your risk of heart disease. This is correct as people with heart disease tend to have elevated cholesterol, especially LDL, and triglycerides, but this is only part of the story and will be discussed later.

Human Fat Cells
Human Fat CellsPhotographic Print
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Enzymes and high cholesterol ....Lipase digests fat and people who are low in lipase may be prone to cholesterol problems. One way that cholesterol levels in the blood can become elevated is when fat coats food particles in the intestines, which interferes with them being broken down into their various components such as protein and carbohydrates. The food particles end up in the blood stream with the coating of fat.

Cholesterol Crystals, Polarized Light View
Cholesterol Crystals, Polarized Light ViewPhotographic Print
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Enzymes and high cholesterol ....Fat isn’t water soluble and must undergo a process called hydrolysis. The enzyme lipase splits the fat into fatty acids and glycerol by adding water. Lipase is assisted by bile, which breaks down large fat molecules into tiny droplets, which are more water soluble. Lipase and bile together ensures that the fat is digested. Although proper fat digestion is important in preventing high cholesterol, it’s also important to defeat the process that causes LDL cholesterol from harming blood vessels, which sets the stage for atherosclerosis. In this disease process LDL undergoes oxidation by free radicals. The oxidized LDL becomes sticky. If a blood vessel is injured, say because of high blood pressure or infection, the exposed protein in the wall can act as a binding site for lipoprotein. The fatty substance acts like glue and grabs the LDL and attaches it to the vessel wall. The immune system releases macrophages to gobble up the LDL. This triggers inflammation, which leads to atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol Crystals from a Rheumatoid Nodule of the Elbow, Unstained, Dic View
Cholesterol Crystals from a Rheumatoid Nodule of the Elbow, Unstained, Dic View

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Enzymes and high cholesterol ....The concept of plaques depositing themselves on the walls of blood vessels and causing coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis is outdated, because it’s too simplistic. Over at least the past 20 years scientists have been studying how inflammation plays a role in the process. Inflammation, which is the body’s most potent immune defense, happens when immune cells release mediators that control localized circulation and cellular activity. The inflammation causes symptoms of swelling, redness, pain and heat in the affected tissues.The inflammatory process is the body’s means to engage in warfare against invading microorganisms. Many serious diseases afflicting modern man, especially autoimmune diseases, are the result of the manifestation of chronic inflammation. Evidence shows that inflammation plays some role in heart disease.

Angiogram, Human Head, Vessels
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Enzymes and high cholesterol ....Research shows that antioxidants, which include enzymes, may help to prevent atherosclerosis by reducing the production of free-radicals. These free-radicals are the by-products of poor digestion and elevated toxin levels in addition to normal biochemical processes. If you have few free-radicals this means you have less oxidized LDL cholesterol. This also means you have a lower risk of inflammation of the walls of the blood vessels. Enzyme therapy can have a more general effect on cholesterol levels too. Practitioners who use customized enzyme regimens and have cleared up food sensitivities have achieved reduced cholesterol levels in their patients. The basic idea is if there is less total cholesterol in the body then there will be less LDL to be oxidized.



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