Enzyme Potential

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Enzyme potential, is the number of enzymes each person has the ability to make in his lifetime, either metabolic or digestive. According to Dr. Edward Howell, in his book Enzyme Nutrition , we are all born with a different potential for producing enzymes. The more digestive enzymes your body is required to produce to digest your food the fewer metabolic enzymes you will be able to produce. This causes an enzyme shortage and can quickly lead to disease and a shorten life span. The body will borrow metabolic enzymes from digestive enzymes and vice versa.

Full Body Nervous System Medical
Full Body Nervous System Medical

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Some people debate Dr. Howell’s theory of enzyme potential , but it is logical that if there is only so much energy available to our bodies if we use less energy for digestion there will be more energy available for the other systems in our body.

Superficial Muscular System of the Front of the Body
Superficial Muscular System of the Front of the Body

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