Dormant Illness

Dormant illness ....The condition of not being sick isn’t equivalent to being healthy. In Eastern medicine there is term “dormant illness”. The term describes a person who isn’t yet sick but not completely healthy. It’s a condition where the person is just one step away from being sick. Many Americans are living in this condition.

Many people are plagued with chronic conditions like constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, and stiff necks and shoulders. These are signals from the body telling you that something is not quite right. These signals shouldn’t be ignored or they could progress to a more serious illness.

In the United State the life expectancy of an individual rose from 47 years old in 1900 to 78 years of age in 2006. But there is more to life expectancy then just living longer. These numbers don’t accurately reflect true health. These figures include a healthy 100-year-old person, as well has a sick bedridden 100-year-old. No one wants to be the bedridden sick person. We all want to live a long healthy life.

Grandma Moses

Famous painter Grandma Moses lived to 101

The difference between the healthy centenarian and the bedridden one is eating and living habits that have accumulated over those 100 years. What determine a person’s health is food, water, exercise, stress, sleep and work…not eating enough raw foods, depleting our enzymes, drinking water with toxins and fluoride, not enough exercise and sleep, and too much stress can all make us unhealthy.


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