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You can support your digestion with supplemental digestive enzymes. When you consume digestive enzyme supplements with your food your body doesn’t need to produce as many enzymes. This decreases the need for your body to use up nutrients and energy. Digestive enzyme supplements; therefore, make your digestive system more efficient. Pills

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The food you eat contains proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals. Your body converts these to energy. But to do this you need enzymes as a catalyst. Without enzymes the process would be so slow you couldn’t live. That is what a catalyst does. It speeds up biochemical reactions.

Healthy Yellow Capsules in Foil Pack
Healthy Yellow Capsules in Foil Pack

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Supplemental enzymes are produced from three sources: animals, plants and microorganisms. Animals were first used as a source and about 50 years ago was the only source. Next plant enzymes were discovered while microbial enzymes were the last to be discovered. What can these supplemental enzymes do for you?

• They can restore your digestive system so that is it effective and efficient.

• They can help you to utilize all the nutrients from your food. This increases your well being and helps in weight loss and ultimately management of your weight.

• They can strengthen your immune system so that you can fight off illness. Since the common cold and the flu effect so many people the ability to ward off these illnesses is especially important.

• They can restore your energy and vitality. Do you remember how much more energy you had as a child?

• They can cause your skin, hair and nails to be healthier. Wouldn’t you like to be more radiant and youthful looking?



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