Digestive Enzymes

How to Read Labels

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Digestive enzymes are measured in active units rather than weight in milligrams (mg). The exceptions are seaprose and superoxide dismutase, which are measured in milligrams. Any label that doesn’t give you active units doesn’t give you an accurate or true measure of the ingredient’s potency.

Below are examples of such units:

AGU- Amygalactosidase Units- Glucoamylase

AJDU- Apple Juice Depectinizing Units- Pectinase

Baker Units- Catalase

BGU- Betaglucanase Units- Beta-glucanase

CU- Cellulase Units- Cellulase

DP- Degrees of Diastatic Power- Maltase

DU- Dextrinizing Units- Amylase

FCCFIP- Food Chemical Codex Federation International

Pharmaceutique- Lipase

FCCPU- Papain Units- Bromelain

FU- Fibrinolytic Units- Nattokinase

GALU- Galactosidase Units-Alpha-galactosidase

GDU- Gelatin Digesting Units- Bromelain

HCU- Hemicellulase Units- Hemicellulase

IAU- Invertase Active Units- Invertase (Sucrase)

HUT- Hemoglobin Units in a Tyrosine base-Protease

LacU- Lactase Units- Lactase

LU- Lipase Units- Lipase

MSU- Mucolase Units- Mucolase

PU- Phytase Units- Phytase

SKB- Sanstedt Kneen Blish Units- Amylase

XU- Xylanase Units- Xylanase

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