Digestion ... The Purpose of the Digestive Tract

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Digestion... The purpose of the digestive tract is to break down our food into absorbable nutrients. Our food consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which need to be broken down into sugars, amino acids and fatty acids. If our digestive system can't break down our food adequately our body could absorb macromolecules, which could include bacteria. This could lead to infection, irritation to the intestine, intestinal toxemia or other diseases. In other words, without adequate digestion good health is not possible.

Organs of Digestion and Respiration
Organs of Digestion and Respiration

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The specific functions of our digestive system are:

• Receive food

• Break down food into absorbable nutrients

• Move food through the digestive system

• Secrete hydrochloric acid, mucus, digestive enzymes, bile and pepsin

• Absorb nutrients

• Elimination of toxic waste products and unabsorbed food

Voluptuary under the Horrors of Digestion, Published in 1792
Voluptuary under the Horrors of Digestion, Published in 1792

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