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What Is The Worst Way To Heat Your Food?


Conventional heating of food on the stove, in the oven, on a grill or over a campfire will destroy some nutrients and enzymes. But microwaving your food actually makes it “dead” food. I call it “nuking” with tongue in cheek, because it’s so destructive. If you buy organic and microwave the food you’re wasting your money.

There hasn’t been a lot of studies done on microwave ovens, which is surprising since 90% of American homes have them. The majority of studies done on microwaves and nutrition were conducted before the year 2000. This could be due to the interest in the harmful effects of environmental radiation such as from cell phones and computers taking the interest off of the microwave ovens.

The Nazis invented the first microwave cooking device for a mobile means of food preparation for their troops during their invasion of the Soviet Union in WWII. These microwave ovens were experimental. After the war the US War Department was given the task of researching the ovens.

Moscow Commemorates the 61st Anniversary of the Defeat of Nazi Germany with Fireworks
Moscow Commemorates the 61st Anniversary of the Defeat of Nazi Germany with Fireworks

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The Russians banned microwaves in 1976 when they studied microwaves retrieved after WWII. They became alarmed by their findings. German studies go back as far as 1942. The Russians have studied microwaves for 20 years. Documents from the early studies are hard to come by, but the 20 years of research by the Russians led them to issue a warning on the environmental and biological damage that might be possible from microwaves.Russian studies point to many examples of carcinogens that are caused by microwaving food. Carcinogens and chemicals can also leach out of plastic and paper containers. This only contributes to the problem. Chemicals include benzene, toluene, xylene and polyethylene terpthalate.

If you don’t know how microwave ovens work the microwaves bounce around inside the oven and are absorbed by the food. The water molecules, which are bipolar, rotate rapidly in the alternating electric field. The water molecules are vibrating violently, about a million times a second, and the friction heats the food. If the food didn’t contain water it wouldn’t heat up.

I dragged my big microwave to the curb a few years ago. My small one, which is a burnt orange color and complements my kitchen, I use to store my vitamins. Visitors to my kitchen are usually bewildered when they learn it isn’t functional.


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