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Throughout my career many things have changed and I miss the old mom and pop pharmacy. The 450 brand name drugs became 5,000. The reason I chose pharmacy was because of my interest in natural plant-based medicines. One by one a drug would appear and then disappear after people were harmed or killed. Things just weren’t like “the good old days”.

I was growing older and my daughter would soon be “leaving the nest”. I wanted to have the freedom to pursue my hobbies such as genealogy and quilting. I wanted weekends and evenings free to go out and enjoy myself and make friends. Things that have been impossible with my “flexible hours” schedule. I wanted to be able to eat correctly and follow what I knew was the way God intended.

I considered many options. I wanted to be my own boss for one. I considered MLM. The concept was good but I really didn’t have the personality to pursue it. I don’t like to sell things and I don’t like to call people on the phone. During my MLM pursuit I learned I had a C and an S personality (organized and shy). I decided I needed a little more D and A personality (dominant and social) to be good at it.

I joined Ann Sieg’s The Renegade Network Marketer and worked under her and Nancy Christensen, two very nice and knowledgeable women. Ann wrote The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing and The Renegade Network Marketer . Both are extremely helpful if you are at anyway interested in MLM. Through the Renegade Network Marketer I learned about Site Build It. I had always wanted to build a web page and actually to write a book. Site Build It has made it easy and fun. And it is like writing a book but a whole lot more fun.

What makes SBI different? The concept of SBI is C - T - P - M. It’s what all websites should be based on. Providing CONTENT rich pages, that deliver free TRAFFIC, allowing you to PRESELL and that brings you to MONETIZATION of the site. It’s very simple and it works.

That's the power of Site Build It. They teach you how to build a complete website from top to bottom, and most importantly, how to bring in visitors. What’s important about visitors? Visitors mean income! There is a complete Action Guide that takes you through the entire process. So even if you have no experience with website building, you can still do it!

SBI gives you many tools to help you track your progress, where with other sites you have to pay extra.

What’s great about SBI is that they allow you to build a site about something that you actually love. Something you have a passion for. What’s your passion? Mine was getting out the word on how beneficial enzymes are to everyone. Why not use that passion to benefit yourself!

Right now Site Build It is making it easier to do just that. I paid $300 US funds for a year’s subscription to build my site. With the economy in a recession SBI is making it easier by offering a program of a monthly subscription fee of $29.99 a month.

This is a limited offer. SBI will be watching the commitment level of the SBIers. If the monthly option results in less serious SBIers, the time limit will expire.

Therefore, if you’re really serious about becoming financially free you can’t afford not to buy SBI. Things won’t happen overnight, because it’s not a get rich quick scheme. But you will see steady progress if you follow the action guide.Don’t take my word for it. Watch the 2 minute video to see for yourself. After watching the video, click on the box below to go to the Site Build It web site.

Site Build It!

I recommend that you check it out for yourself. You honestly have nothing to lose, because there’s a money back guarantee. If you are interested in building a web site, I’m convinced you have something that you’re passionate about and you will find SBI a great way to do it.


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