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I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sharla and I was born an identical twin in a small town in the state of Michigan during the 1950s. My parents had a huge garden and we had lots of raw vegetables. We had apple trees that produced baskets of yummy fresh apples.

My aunt and uncle had a pear tree and I remember going there to pick bushels of pears. They also had wild blueberry bushes and we would walk their 40 acres picking the delicious fruit. Another aunt and uncle lived on a farm where we got beef and chickens. I remember as a child drinking fresh raw milk and it was so good. We bought Michigan potatoes and the best musk melons I've ever eaten from the next county. We always had a glass jug of vinegar in the fruit cellar, which had mother floating in it. My mom taught me a poem she learned from her dad about the fruit cellar. I’d like to share it with you:

There were tears in the potatoes' eyes,

The cabbage hung its head,

There was sorrow in the cellar,

Because the vinegar's mother was dead.

After graduating high school as class salutatorian, I received an Associate's Degree in Science from Delta College in Bay City, graduating with high honors. I then went on to receive a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy in 1981 from Ferris State College (now Ferris University). When I started out in pharmacy there were about 450 brand name drugs. Now there are over 5,000, but I haven't seen the health of people improve exponentially with this increase in drugs. I chose pharmacy because of my interest in drugs derived from plants such as digitalis. Because of this interest I started researching a more natural means to treating illness. This was my interest and I knew herbs were used in other countries in place of drugs. I saw so many drugs approved for market and then taken off the market due to their toxicity. As I grew older I started having a problem with bloating after I ate. It was a very uncomfortable and sometimes painful feeling. I tried prescription and OTC medications, but they never really helped that much. I learned that digestive enzymes were the solution to the problem. I could stop taking the drug alternative, which I didn't really feel safe taking.

When I decided to build a web site I chose enzymes, because I wanted to share with people what I knew could help alleviate their digestive symptoms and help improve their overall health. My favorite brands are Swanson’s N Zimes, Enzymatica's Digest Gold and Wobenzyme N. These can all be purchased online through Swanson Vitamins. They have great prices and great customer service.

My twin also went to pharmacy school and she has a great web site on oils, healthy-healing-oils.com Check it out! My favorite oils are coconut, tea tree, macadamia nut, Emu, jojoba, sweet almond, argan and peppermint. I cook with them, apply them for dry skin and wrinkles. I use them to soften my hair and heal cuts or relieve sore joints and muscles. I clean with tea tree oil and it kills the mold that loves to grow in my bathroom. I use coconut oil in the summer and my skin never burns it just turns a nice brown.

I still live in Michigan with my teenage daughter, four cats and a Shetland Sheepdog. I have a small garden and purchase vegetable and meat (chicken, beef and pork) shares every year at an organic farm in a neighboring town. I love to make homemade vinegar, kefir and goats milk soap. Every September I can my own tomatoes, because you can't buy anything comparable commercially. When I want to relax I hand quilt queen size quilts that I've sewn on my sewing machine. I used to make most of my clothes when I was younger, but I'm much too busy to tackle that now.

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